Hole, near Keeler, California, November 2019.

Rocks, State Route 58, California, 1983, scanned full-frame 120 negative.

Picnic table and bench, Death Valley, California, November 2019.

White gravel, near Swansea, California, November 2018.

Trona Senior Center, California, December 2019.

Donuts, near Lone Pine, California, April 2019.

Two cement blocks, Inyo County, California, May 2019.

Ample free parking and restroom facilities, Inyo County, California; Dec. 7, 2018.

Alice’s house, near Death Valley, California, July 2023.

Water, Inyo County, California, June 2017.

Overturned car, Fourth of July Flat, California, April 2019.

Los Angeles Aqueduct, near Ridgecrest, California, April 2019.

Cable, Inyo County, California, April 2019.

Parking barrier, Hawthorne, Nevada, November 2019.

Untitled, Twentynine Palms, California, June 2021 (18a).

Tent area, Death Valley, California, November 2019.

Grave fencing, Inyo County, California, October 2017.

This way, Olancha, California, June 2023.

Interpretative sign, Hunter Mountain, California, June 2019.

Really good, Scotty's Junction, Nevada, May 2019.

Five fence posts, Owens Valley, California, November 2019.

Double arrow, Goldpoint, Nevada, June 2019.

Furnace Creek pipeline, Death Valley, California, November 2019.

Fire ring, Talc City Hills, California, December 2018.

Free vintage car parts, Keeler, California, 1983, scanned full-frame 120 negative.

No camping, Death Valley, California, November 2019.

Lakeside, Keeler, California, December 2018.

Vandalized Joshua tree, Coso Mountains, California, March 2018.

Bat pole, Saline Valley, California, May 2015.

Bob's Pizza and Chicken, Boron, California, 1986, scanned original print.

Before it blew down, May 1997, scanned color print.

Fire hydrant, Death Valley, California, November 2019.

Darwin Dance Hall, California, January 2016.

Desert Christ Park, Yucca Valley, California, 1984, scanned original print.

New fence, Death Valley National Park, October 2015.

Convenient drive-up Joshua tree, near Death Valley, California, March 2019.

Miner's cabin, Darwin, California; January 2015.

Darwin Gate, California, June 2017.

5.6 Acres fronting U.S. 395, Kern County, California, November 2016.

Monty's grave, Inyo County, California, 2017.

Offroaders, Saline Valley Road, California, October 2016.

Palms, near Salton City, California, 1985, scanned full-frame 120 negative.

Kathy's purple door, near Death Valley, California, fall 2017.

Asphalt and bench, Zabriskie Point, Death Valley, California, scanned full-frame 120 negative.

Dirt pile, Montgomery Pass, California, May 2019.

Road closed, California, October 2017.

Abandoned salt works, Saline Valley, California; May 2016.

No parking, Death Valley, California, December 2018.

Desert fog, Centennial Flat, California, December 2018.

Robin's water tank, near Death Valley, California, June 2023.

Asphalt circle, Inyo County, California, June 2019.

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