Tommy Lasorda, right, waves to fans after a winning game, 1984 (Steve Garvey, left); for ABC; scanned vintage RC fixed print.

Photo nominated for Pulitzer Prize: Irv Rubin, 1984, president, Jewish Defense League, shows off marksmanship on recent target, Los Angeles, California, for the L. A. Weekly.

Florence LaRue of the Fifth Dimension, 1986, for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, scanned vintage print.

10960 Wilshire Boulevard, West Los Angeles, California, 1985, for Grubb and Ellis commercial real estate, scanned Ektachrome slide.

Soft-drink commercial, client unknown, Hollywood Hills, California, 1986, scanned vintage print.

Ray Charles tries out early text-to-speech software, probably 1989-'90, clients: Recordings for the Blind and Sony, scanned original vintage print.

Santa Monica beach, California, 1978, scanned Ektachrome slide.

Architect, Westwood, California, 1984, for the L.A. Weekly newspaper.  Water damage destroyed a too-large amount of our photos, negs and cutline records in 1993; his name is now among the missing.

The late Dorothe Lindemann with Morey French and Richard, Los Feliz, California, 1983.

Self-portrait, Santa Monica, California, 1979, scanned vintage print.

Bea Arthur, Hollywood, California, 1986; client: Recording for the Blind, scanned print.

It never rains in L.A., Wilshire Boulevard, 1978, scanned original print.

Helen has a Tareyton, north of Malibu, California, 1980, scanned 35mm slide.

HBO commercial, Gold's Gym, Santa Monica, California, actors unknown, 1989, rescanned vintage print.

Chuck Stevens of the Hollywood All Stars baseball team, Los Angeles, California, for the L.A. Reader newspaper, 1983, scanned original print.

Landing, LAX, California, 1980, scanned Ektachrome slide.

Hell no, we won't blow, Pasadena, California, for the L.A. Reader newspaper, scanned original print.

Peter Marshall, right, tells a joke; 1985, Hollywood, California, for the Hollywood Radio and TV Society, scanned original print.

Jade, 1983, Santa Monica, California, scanned original print.

John Knox, left, and Skip Curley, band publicity photo, 1979, Santa Monica, California, scanned original print.

KABC remote broadcast from San Juan Capistrano, California, 1982, for ABC, scanned original print.

Beverly Hills lawyer, Beverly Hills, California, 1983, for Student Lawyer magazine, scanned from original print.

Checking for lice, Midnight Mission, downtown Los Angeles, California, 1982, for the L.A. Weekly newspaper, scanned original print.

Lucille Ball with cigarette, left, Hollywood, California, 1984, for Hollywood Radio and TV Society, scanned print.

Another night, another party; subjects unknown, Westwood, California, 1986, for the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, scanned print from 120 negative.

From feature story on Pico Boulevard, Venice, California, 1983, for the L.A. Reader newspaper, scanned original print.

Photo 76b, luncheon portraits, subject name and event unknown, Beverly Hills, California, 1987, scanned photo.

Swamp Dogg at his Chatsworth, California home, 1984, for the Austin-American Statesman, scanned 35mm Ektachrome slide.

Ted Baxter, second from right; others unknown, probably 1985, Hollywood, California, for the Children's Bureau of Los Angeles, scanned original print.

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