Dog Officer Edouard Ouellette, Haverhill, Mass., 1973, for the Haverhill Independent daily newspaper (scanned 35mm negative, 13b).

Copse, Newport Beach, California, May 2023 (9c).

Utility pole, Garden Grove, California, October 2023.

Gas line, Thousand Palms, California, December 2022 (11).

Sunset at Balboa Pier (left) with helicopter, California, February 2023 (13e).

Construction fence, Balboa Island, California, January 2023 (16b).

Power plant moonrise. Huntington Beach, California, December 2023.

Hawthorne sunset and moonrise, Nevada, November 2019 (9a).

Driveway, Costa Mesa, California, November 2022 (14c).

Plastic cow, Costa Mesa, California, January 2022 (9c).

Evie Schwartz, right, Marblehead, Massachusetts, 1974 (scanned 35mm negative, 7b).

Joshua tree, Centennial Flat, California, June 2023.

Don over Wilmington, California, January 2022 (11b).

Pink bathroom, Santa Monica, California, 1978 (scanned 35mm slide, 10a).

Mojave railroad station (now demolished), California, 1984 (scanned 120 negative, 8b).

Orange County Museum of Art, opening week, November 2023 (12b).

Los Angeles River, Vernon, California, February 2022 (14a).

Robin's trailer, near Death Valley, California, June 2023.

Amboy Post Office, 1982, California (scanned 120 negative, 11a).

Smoke 'em if you got 'em, Old Chinatown, Los Angeles, California, 1980 (scanned 35mm color negative, 9c).

Interpretative kiosk, Centennial Flat, California, November 2019 (9a).

Designated Photography Area, Brea, California, September 2021 (12b).

Eeek a bee!! For Hanna-Barbera Productions, 1983, Hollywood, California (scanned original RC print, a).

Sears, Santa Monica, California, 1982 (scanned 120 negative).

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