Man combing his hair, Los Angeles, California, 1982, for the L.A. Weekly newspaper (scanned 35mm negative, 5b).

Untitled, Twentynine Palms, California, May 2021 (b).

Palm trees, Garden Grove, California, July 2021 (13b).

Four-winged saltbush (Atriplex canescens), near Swansea, California, December 2021 (16a).

Car in rain, Haverhill, Massachusetts, 1977 (scanned 35mm negative, c).

Spring-a-majig, Darwin, California, May 2012.

Seven trees, Cabrillo Beach, California, January 2021.

Dominguez Channel, California, January 2021.

Ludlow, California, 1985 (scanned 35mm infrared negative, b).

Designated photography area, Yorba Linda, California, September 2021 (2-12b).

Basketball court, San Pedro, California, June 2021 (8b).

Commerce sign, California, February 2022 (14a).

Trona Senior Center, California, December 2019.

Eastern Sierra sunset, Bishop, California, October 2019.

Vandalized sign, Boron, California, 1982, scanned 120 negative.

Palm tree, Garden Grove, California, December 2021 (13b).

Bottling milk, Haverhill, Massachusetts, 1973, photo for the daily Haverhill Independent (scanned 35mm negative, 9b).

Los Angeles River, Vernon, California, February 2022 (14a).

Balloon, Irvine, California, March 2022 (11c).

Exhibit building, Hoover Dam, Nevada, 1984 (scanned 120 negative, 15b).

Animal control, Hawthorne, Nevada, November 2019.

Posts, Huntington Beach, California, April 2022 (15a).

Thunderstorm, Coso Mountains, California, March 2019.

Eeek a bee!! For Hanna-Barbera Productions, 1983, Hollywood, California (scanned original RC print, a).

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