Salt-evaporation channel, Bristol Dry Lake, California, 1983 (scanned 35mm infrared negative).

Marcia in a marsh, San Joaquin Marsh, Irvine, California, August 2020.

Warning keep your distance, Calistoga, California, 1977 (scanned 35mm Ektachrome slide, 2-7a).

Delta Lane, Huntington Beach, California, April 2018 (6c).

Cottonwoods, Round Valley, California, October 2017 (7b).

Creosote bush with Christmas lights, Darwin, California, 2010 (11b).

Hilltop Restaurant (site), Signal Hill, California, October 2021 (9).

Butte Avenue, Randsburg, California, 1983 (scanned 120 negative, 8).

Sierra foliage, Lake Sabrina, California, October 2019 (13).

Smoke trees, near Ocotillo, California, 1983 (scanned infrared negative, 6b).

American Merchant Marine monument, San Pedro, California, January 2022 (9a).

Saline Valley salt-tram trestle, California, 1987 (scanned 35mm Ektachrome slide, 18a).

No fishing trespassing keep out, Long Beach, California, December 2020 (14).

Lancaster subdivision under construction, California, 1983 (scanned 35mm infrared negative, 6b).

Do not enter, Coso rest area, California, April 2019.

Near Garlock, California, 1983 (scanned 120 negative).

Panamint Valley overlook, California, 1985 (scanned heat-damaged 35mm Ektachrome slide, 9a).

Tules, Lower Owens River, California, November 2017 (10b).

Railroad crossing, near Johannesburg, California, 1982 (scanned 120 film, 7b).

Pink globe mallow, Inyo County, California, May 2017 (11b).

New York Buttes, California, 1987 (scanned 35mm Ektachrome slide, 9a).

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