Halobacteria bloom, October 2017.

Fence, north lake, November 2019.

Former salt-grass growing facility, near Olancha, California, November 2019.

Pre-tumbling tumbleweeds, near Los Angeles Department of Water and Power headquarters, east lake, June 2019.

Dirty Socks Hot Springs, south lake, June 2019.

Soda-mining evaporation pond (abandoned), near Keeler, California, November 2019.

Sand shadows, south lake sand field, April 2019.

Gravel and tire tracks, north lake, October 2019.

Lake bottom badlands, near State Routes 190 and 136, October 2019.

Dust sensor, maintained by Great Basin Air Quality Management District, November 2019.

Shallow-flooding pond, south lake, December 2019.

Cement blocks, June 2019.

Water-truck filling station, June 2019.

Shallow flooding, November 2017.

Dust density measuring device, May 2016.

Temporary berm to prevent lake flooding, November 2017.

Halobacteria residue, November 2017.

Lower Owens River Project pumping station, November 2017.

Salt grass, November 2017.

Valve access boxes, June 2019.

T30 Trailhead, May 2016.

Bird-watching pavilion built by the Department of Water and Power with public funds.

Bird-watching shelters, December 2017.

High water table, December 2017.

Pumping station, December 2017.

Pipe, November 2017.

DWP access road, elevated to prevent washouts, October 2017.

Owens Lake playa and sand field, off State Route 190, April 2017.

Lower Owens River Project holding pond, November 2017.

Base of buried sign warning of blowing sand, April 2017.

Debris guard, November 2017.

Unnamed wash draining from Coso Mountains into Owens Dry Lake, May 2012.

Keeler bath house (abandoned), October 2015.

Holding pond, November 2017.

DWP access road, north lake area, December 2017.

Evaporite compression ridges, November 2017.

Pipe in holding pond, November 2017.

Overflow drains, November 2017.

T28 Trailhead parking area and trash bin, May 2016.

Manmade shoreline and holding pond, December 2017.

Restricted area, May 2016.

Capped pipe, November 2017.

Warning marker for high-voltage underwater powerline, December 2017.

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