"17 February," 899-foot crude oil tanker, Long Beach, January 2021.

Selfie under the new Gerald Desmond Bridge, Long Beach, January 2021.

West Basin Container Terminal, Wilmington, (not a drone shot), November 2020.

Tuna boat skipper, 1982, San Pedro, for the L.A. Reader newspaper; scanned 35mm negative.

Valero refinery, Wilmington, January 2021.

Center cat, Terminal Island, November 2020.

Railroad-wheel graveyard, Wilmington, August 2020.

Red pipes, Terminal Island, California, November 2020.

Please do not touch, San Pedro, August 2019.

Atefish, San Pedro, December 2020.

Repaired window, Wilmington, February 2019.

Brass bronce, Wilmington, August 2020.

Folding nets, San Pedro, 1982, infrared film.

One, Terminal Island, November 2020.

Japanese Memorial, Terminal Island; Oct 27, 2020.

Main channel, San Pedro, January 2019.

Chemoil, Long Beach, January 2021 .

Bougainvillea, Terminal Island, November 2020.

Ship fender and gulls, San Pedro, 2019.

Electric meter, Wilmington, September 2020.

Offloading Pacific chub at dawn, 1982, San Pedro, scanned 35mm negative.

Construction site, Port of Long Beach, January 2021.

Star-Kist Tuna cannery-processing plant, 1982, Terminal Island: Once the largest tuna processing plant in the world, it supported a huge fleet of tuna boats and fishermen -- and in business since at least 1917 under various names. 9Lives fish-based pet food was also produced here. Closed in 1984 (scanned 35mm negative).

Commercial tuna boats, Fish Harbor, Terminal Island, December 2020.

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